Blog Planning

I am still developing a sense of what I want to do with this new blog space that I have now taken the leap into creating. I wrote a couple of posts this week that, after some reflection, I went back and deleted because they don’t quite fit what I want to be doing. Fortunately, nobody knows I exist and therefore nobody cares if I do such things. 😉

But in order to allow someone, somewhere, to maybe care, and possibly more importantly, in order to make myself care about what it is I’m doing, I need a plan, and the deleted posts were very successful in giving me a sense of direction and focus. So the new broad goal that I have for this space is to use my particular area of expertise and look at the specific role of language in various types of new stories, events, and social contexts.

Language, of course, is something that a lot of people touch on in politics and media, but I hope that paying closer attention to it as a topic in and of itself will provide plenty of specific things to talk about.I used to say that language is one of those things that everyone thinks they know about because they speak one, which is akin to saying that you are an expert in biology because you have a body.  I’m far from the only language scholar out there in the blogosphere, but the fray is big, and I hope to make a useful contribution to it nonetheless.

So here begins the fun.


On writing every day

For the past few weeks, I have committed myself to writing something on my dissertation every day (meaning Monday-Friday, because my work days depend on when the munchkin is in daycare). This has been surprisingly productive, as the page count keeps growing on a couple of different chapters, and more importantly, the quality keeps improving as I go back and edit and reorganize.

It was a very short time ago that I asked my supervisor just how to actually, y’know, do that dissertation thing – how to get past the mental block that this isn’t just another paper, this isn’t something I’ve done before, this is that thing. It wasn’t the size that was scaring me, because I know that you just break that down into component chunks and write one section, one chapter at a time. It was just the name. But now, every day, it’s just….writing. She gave me a couple of suggestions about how to start, and from there, the paths just multiplied.

I don’t imagine that I’ll ever be able to commit myself in the same way to a blog, because I don’t have the goal of being a “successful” blogger, but I do see this as a real project that requires attention if it’s to perform its intended function. Now I wait for the paths to appear before I decide what to do with them.