Being Adjacent

I started this blog a while ago because I miss writing in this type of format, but have frequently lacked the energy to do it in the way I used to. This may be a product of getting older, and it may be the result of the significant shifts in my life, but on occasion, I still hope to find the time to record and write in a way that soothes my soul more than the writing I do for my job.

I’m an early career academic – very recently transitioned from the graduate school world to an assistant professorship, with full recognition of how unbelievably lucky I am to have made that transition at all, let alone quickly. I am a linguistic anthropologist, and a lot of what I say may have to do with language – how people use it to form groups and construct identities, what it means to different people in different places and at different times, and most importantly, how it relates to power.

I am also likely to be writing in this space, as I am right now, while being occasionally climbed on by a toddler and frequently interrupted by said toddler and other such distractions.

I find, overall, that the pace and tone of much internet discourse can be extremely draining, which is why I’m very slowly, and very tentatively, carving out this “fray adjacent” space.


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